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PVC Cable Compounds

Our cable compounds are suitable for the use in:
1. Power Cables
2. Telecommunication Cables
3. Automotive Cables
4. Flame retardant Cables
5. Special Cables

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PVC Compounds for Steel Wire Coating (NWM Series)

NWM series of PVC compounds are specifically formulated for high mechanical and physical performance for steel wire coatings such as chain link fences and gabions. We offer a variety of colours tailored to customer's requirements and additives such as UV stabilizer can be incorporated to enhance performance for outdoor applications.

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PVC Compounds for Building & Infrastructure Uses

We offer a comprehensive range of PVC compounds for building and construction applications such as:
1. Fenders and corner guards for protection
2. Fire fighting hoses
3. Window gaskets
4. Profiles

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PVC Compounds for General Purpose (NGH and NMG Series)

NGH and NMG Series are formulated for general extrusion and injection moulding. These compounds have a different hardness from 45 to 95 Shore A for the use in various applications such as window gaskets, flexible hoses, tubing, seals, suction cups, grips and etc.

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PVC Compounds for Footwear (NFW & NFC)

NFW and NFC are suitable for footwear ranging from the low cost leisure wear sandal to high quality and fashionable footwear. These compounds are easy to process, high quality and at very competitive prices.

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Specialty PVC Compound (NTR Series)

NTR is a blend of plasticized PVC with powdered elastomers which brings well-balanced property physically and chemically. It provides good resistance to hydrocarbons and oils, "rubber-like" appearance, high processing property and is an economical alternative to other thermoplastic elastomers.

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PVC Compound for Rigid Pipes / Fittings

This range of PVC compound is ideal for extrusion and injection moulding. Various grades and colours are available with great mechanical properties and prices for the application pipes, fittings, ductings and elbows.

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Syarikat Nam Ah
is one of the most established PVC compounders in Malaysia and specializes in the manufacture of flexible and rigid compounds.

As a leading producer of PVC compounds, every aspect of our operation is run under strict quality management system with a single mission to achieve excellent quality, good service and product performance.

Our entire range of products is produced using high quality raw materials and machines to meet market demand at very competitive prices.

Company Background
Syarikat Nam Ah Sdn Bhd
Syarikat Nam Ah Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1971 and is the pioneer in the manufacturing of PVC Compounds in Malaysia.

We are accredited with ISO9001 in 2005. Our objective is to gain recognition amongst the Asian countries and continuously manufacture compounds of impeccable quality and extend excellent customer service to achieve total customers' satisfaction.

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Our Products
PVC Compounds
Syarikat Nam Ah has developed an extensive range of plasticized and rigid PVC compounds covering a wide array of applications including wire and cable, footwear, hose & tubing, pipe & fitting and a variety of building and infrastructure uses.

We also offer customized PVC compounds with options of flame retardant, UV resistant, anti-rodent, anti-termite and foaming properties and alloying with nitrile rubber.

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Quality Commitment
ISO 9001 : 2008
As an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company, we have developed and implemented a comprehensive quality management system which covers product development, quality control, manufacturing, human resource development, delivery and service.
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Lot 69, Jalan Portland, Tasek Industrial Estate, 31400 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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